Susan Sachs Acupuncture

272 Beach 135th Street   Belle Harbor NY 11694   (917) 868-8630

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How Can Acupuncture Effect Fertility?
Acupuncture helps balance the body and open energy blockages.  With fertility issues, acupuncture helps bring qi and blood to the reproductive organs, and helps open the channels necessary for optimum fertility (and a healthy pregnancy).

All aspects of one's lifestyle are considered in order to determine any imbalances, and correct them.  In addition to acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle changes may be recommended in order to attain optimum fertility and balance.

Oriental Medicine is an effective treatment alone, or when used in conjunction with western fertility treatments such as IUI (intra-uterine inception) and IVF (in-vitro fertilization).  In addition, Chinese Medicine can help balance hormonal issues, and strengthen the organs associated with fertility.

Acupuncture and Fertility Treatment:
I have seen women get pregnant and carry to term numerous times with the help of acupuncture.  Within my practice, I have had many successes treating women for fertility problems.  The cases range from women who have tried unassisted for over one year, and conceive naturally within 2 - 3 months after starting acupuncture, to women who have had several rounds of IVF, and decide to add acupuncture to help the success of the IVF.  With the more difficult cases, the underlying cause of the conditions preventing conception may require careful diagnosis.